The Network

We Just Match has a private network of good-hearted, marriage minded, successful professionals. We go to great length to ensure the quality of members by personally speaking with every candidate. If you are interested in joining our network at no cost, please click here…

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The Philosophy

We Just Match is dedicated to making the world a happier place by guiding single professionals into healthy, happy, life-long marriages. In an age where the divorce rate is 50%, we strive to create strong families that will spread family values of the past.

Our matchmaking is based on shared values, not shallow attraction. Attraction is obvious. It is a must. But beyond attraction there is so much more. Instead of worrying about what type of music you like or  your favorite sports teams, we focus on matching singles who share family values, core beliefs and congruent life goals.

The Founder

Hi, I’m Jason Silver, the founder and matchmaker at We Just Match. I understand what it means to be alone. 7 years ago, I had 3 motives: Find a trophy wife, make millions of dollars and sculpt my body like a Spartan warrior. With these shallow, selfish motives, I found myself a depressed, workaholic who weighed over 300lbs.

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a few caring individuals who understood that it is through giving that we truly receive. These good friends helped guide me to stop focusing on my own selfish desires and start thinking of others. When I began helping others, I started to feel happier and more fulfilled. I was on a healthier track. I lost over 120lbs, became a certified yoga instructor and began spending more time thinking of others and how I could be helpful.

By applying family values and honest principles to my romantic life, the woman of my dreams appeared. Now happily married, I would like to share the experiences which helped me the most. My mission is to help others find the happiness that I have found in a committed, loving relationship. If you are open to the possibility of finding your match, please join our network or become a client today!

Best Wishes,
Jason Silver